Your Safety is Our Most Important Concern

Over the past 30 years, Arlington Dental has been 100% effective at mitigating the risks of infectious diseases and assuring the safety of the patients who entrust us with their care to protect all our patients in this Covid-19 era, we have implemented the most modern and effective advancements in virus and infection-control, at both of our dental offices.



Here are some examples of the New Safety Systems and Practices now in use too keep you and your family safe and sound during all your dental visits…‚Äč

Whole Building Air Exchanger

We’ve installed a whole building air exchanger that clears the air in our entire building and replaces it with clean air six times every hour- removing any floating germs and viruses in the process. 

Air Scrubbers with *UV-Light Sanitizers

We’ve placed Air Scrubbers with *UV-Light Sanitizers- that destroy bacteria and viruses instantly- in the HVAC ducts throughout our buildings. These multi-filtration units remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens

Portable Aerosol Evacuation Units

Our treatment rooms are newly equipped with Portable Aerosol Evacuation Units fitted with HEPA filters and UV-sterilizing light- positioned less than a foot from the patient- that clear all intraoral aerosols from the air. These UV-light sanitizing measures go above and beyond any CDC and ADA guidelines or requirements

All of Our Staff Members

All staff members don masks and have their temperatures recorded upon entering the building and wipe down their work areas continuously throughout the day with antiviral wipes.

All of Our Dental Care Providers

All dental care providers and assistants wear masks and face shields and disposal gowns over their lab coats at all times.  

All of Our Valued Patients

All patients are greeted at the front door, given a mask to put on, have their temperatures recorded, and undergo a brief screening for possible Covid-19 exposure. Each patient is provided with a liberal amount of hand sanitizer to cleanse their hands with and brought directly into their treatment room.

Implementation of Patient Distancing

If a patient's room is not ready, patients are invited into the waiting area, where social distancing guidelines are strictly followed.

Minimal Patient Contact Options

If the patient prefers, he/she may wait in their car and we will call them in when their room is ready.

Families of Three or More

Families of three or more are asked to please wait in their car and come into the building individually as their appointment times dictate, due to distancing requirements.


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